FAQs About Weddings in Israel

Weddings in Israel are not necessarily a simple matter, but the photography doesn't have to be one of your issues. Still, I imagine you have some questions, and these are some of the ones I hear the most. 
What time does photography start on the wedding day?

In general, this is entirely up to you. However, I usually begin work around 1 or 2 pm for the standard Israeli weekday wedding (naturally, if we are talking about a Friday or Shabbat, times may differ). At this point, the bride and groom are dressing, doing makeup and hair, and taking care of other pre-wedding primping. This is a great time to capture images of friends and family, wedding clothes, rings and other accessories, as well as the excitement of the day itself.

How many photographers will be at my wedding?
Is there information that can help Barak do a better job on the big day?
Can I choose the location for our pre-wedding photos?
Can you recommend other service providers?
What kind of albums can I choose from?
How soon will I receive pictures from the wedding?